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Personalized Picture Projection Cross Necklace|

Personalized Picture Projection Cross Necklace|

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Personalized Picture Projection Cross Necklace

Photo projection jewelry is the newest craze in the world of fashion! This unique jewelry allows you to store a personalized image hidden in a crystal, gemlike stone which is placed into a beautifully crafted piece. View your image by holding the jewelry an inch away from your eye to peek through the gem.

Projection jewelry works with your phone by using the camera lens or flashlight to project an image on nearby objects. There are two methods to use projection jewelry with your phone:

Turn on your phone camera and touch the projection stone to your camera lens. The image inside will appear on your phone screen.

Hold your projection stone from the back and turn it upside down, then touch it with your phone flashlight or any other light source1.

Materials: Stainless steel



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