Collection: Memorial Keepsakes

When we lose a loved one or family member, there is little that anyone can do or say to help ease the grief felt. One of the most comforting things that many do, seemingly naturally, is to find a possession of the loved one to hold close. This is therapeutic in that we feel once again connected with the lost loved one. Urn necklaces allow us to hold a small memento of someone that has passed, such as a lock of hair, crushed ceremonial flowers, or even cremation ashes, close at all times. These beautiful pieces, then, give us the ability to reach out to the loved one at any time, as it is a tribute that can be carried along wherever life takes us.

A memorial keepsake can be a thoughtful, caring gift. If you’re thinking about gifting someone close to you a keepsake, that is very loving of you. A keepsake, such as a photo in a frame, will help someone remember the person they’ve lost.