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Custom Vacuum-Packed Pet Photo Pillow

Custom Vacuum-Packed Pet Photo Pillow

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Maintenance instructions:
Our products are filled with high-quality PP cotton, and the toys may shrink due to compression during transportation. Please shake the whole body of the plush toy after you get it, so that the PP cotton can be restored to full state.

 The simplest sterilization method is to expose the plush toys to the sun (the time should not be too long), and use a powerful steam iron to gently reciprocate and iron the fluff, which also has a certain sterilization and decontamination effect.
Wash by hand or machine with warm water. Air-dry or dry naturally. Dehydration with a dryer is prohibited. After air-drying, the toys can be combed to return to their original appearance.

Size information:
The longest side is 32cm
The longest side is 42cm
The longest side is 52cm
The longest side is 62cm
The longest side is 72cm
The longest side is 82cm

Material: super soft crystal
Filling: 7D vacuum PP cotton



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