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Men's Vintage Titanium Steel Dripping Oil Billiard 8-ball Ring

Men's Vintage Titanium Steel Dripping Oil Billiard 8-ball Ring

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Men's Vintage Titanium Steel Dripping Oil Billiard 8-ball Ring. Titanium steel has become quite popular in the production of jewelry. It is incredibly durable as it can retain its initial lustrous appearance, even when subjected to harsh treatment and everyday wear and tear. The metal alloy does not bend or break and can be easily engraved using lasers. Titanium steel is stronger than gold or silver, and more affordable than traditional jewelry metals. Similarly, the metal alloy does not react with the human skin and cause discoloration or breakout of rashes

Product information:

The material:Titanium steel
The article number:R708
Processing technology:Drops of oil

Product specification: 14mm at the widest part at the top, 5mm at the narrowest part at the bottom, 2mm in thickness, 14g in weight

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